New features in SQL Governor – latest release 10.0 is here

Our latest product release is here with some anticipated new features. Get to know the future of SQL Server optimization with SQL Governor 10.0!

SQL Governor is the only software on the market to offer both performance management and capacity planning features for sizeable Microsoft SQL Server estates.

With the latest release it is easier than ever for you to monitor , discover, and prevent performance problems in your data platform. On top of that, SQL Governor also has unique and improved SQL Server capacity planning capabilities for both on-premise and cloud migrations and consolidations.


What's new in SQL Governor – introducing the new features 

Here's what you can do with the improved features of the newest version:

SQL Server Performance Monitoring
  • Monitor real-time performance with intuitive drill down ability to root cause
  • Collect performance counter data at a 1-minute interval for servers and instances
  • Compare improved wait statistics and plan cache analysis altogether with full historical analysis
SQL Server Capacity Management
  • Monitor and predict physical volume fill levels and get alerts about full volumes up to 30 days before they happen
  • Forecast the growth of database data and log files
SQL Server Capacity Planning
  • Plan migration and consolidation workloads against Azure and AWS IaaS virtual machines
  • Define custom service times and service breaks to get more accurate capacity planning results
  • Create your own criticality level templates to automate managing technical service levels for different types of instances and servers
  • Improve your capacity plan accuracy and the cost-effectiveness of your target platform due to the improved forecast algorithm
  • Manually configure data storage times of SQL Governor
  • Configure date formats on geographical region-basis


Download the latest product sheet HERE.


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