Unlock sleeping money from your data platform

If you have a large-scale Microsoft data platform, you very likely have sleeping capacity that is tying up money without adding any extra value. Do you know how much your SQL Server licensing costs are tying up your budgets? Use our calculator to estimate your savings potential – these savings can be achieved by utilizing the unique, cutting-edge Governor® solution along with a platform renewal process. Governor® can save you 30 – 50% in the costs of a large-scale Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Start by adding the number of SQL Servers you have in your data platform.

Estimation of SQL Server license savings

Total SQL Server license savings over 3 years:

Savings potential assumptions

The calculation is based on the following assumptions:

  • Database instances can be freely relocated into a new data platform.
  • The platform is fully virtualized with VM based licensing.
  • The platform’s lifecycle is 3 years.

You can go back to adjust the pre-set values* to fit your situation better.

Contact us the get even more specific estimation on your savings potential and more information on the solution!


We do not store the data from the calculations. This calculation is only indicative, so we can not assure the correctness of the indicated cost saving level in your case. The calculations are based just on rough assumptions and only the data platform license costs are covered. A more accurate savings estimate would require more specific data about your platform’s licensing and hardware. An accurate, monetized savings calculation can be produced when implementing the Governor capacity optimization.

*) The values that are pre-set in the calculator are based on the following assumptions:

  • Microsoft SQL Server license prices are derived from Microsoft sources**.
  • The amount of Enterprise licensed cores in the platform is one third.
  • Half of the platform’s licenses are covered with Software Assurance.

**) The default Microsoft license prices used in the presets of this calculator are based on SQL Server 2017 Open No level prices from www.microsoft.com (referenced on April 2018). The default Microsoft Software Assurance prices used in the presets of this calculator are based on Open License prices based on Microsoft License Advisor mla.microsoft.com  (referenced on April 2018). 

The default Microsoft prices referred above are in USD, and the currencies for the conversions to EUR and GBP are fetched every 24 hours from Currency Converter API.