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We are forerunners in planning, forecasting and optimizing Microsoft SQL Server data platforms. We are making the world better one data platform at a time. 

Data consumption is growing exponentially in the world. SQL Governor® is a unique software we have developed for the performance monitoring and capacity planning of Microsoft data platforms.

With SQL Governor our customers have achieved cost savings of 44 % on average in the licensing, hardware, and service costs tied to large SQL Server platforms. In addition, by reducing the number of needed servers, our customers also save resources and energy.

Our customer base consists of large and medium-sized companies representing a broad range of industries including logistics and trade, manufacturing, and SaaS software production. Over the years, our satisfied customers have praised our ability to solve their problems and improve the efficiency of their operations.

We cooperate with Microsoft solution vendors who are the trusted advisors and specialists for our customers. Our typical partners are database consulting companies, SAM & software license reseller companies, and Managed Service Providers.

Our team consists of experienced senior-level professionals with an average of over 15 years of experience in this field. In our work, we seek to deliver high quality, efficiency, responsible management, sustainable development, top-notch expertise, and high-touch customer service.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner company. Our core competences center on Data platforms and Data analytics.


flag_yellow_highDB Pro has received funding for SQL Governor project from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823292

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Contact information

Jani K. Savolainen

Jani K. Savolainen

CEO & Chairman

Research and Development


Oula Maijala

VP, Operations

International Sales

Sami Isomäki

Sami Isomäki

Solution Sales

Sales and Marketing

Mikko Hyvärinen

Mikko Hyvärinen

Head of Professional Services

Professional Services

Pekka Korhonen

Pekka Korhonen

Lead Architect, MCM

Professional Services

HQ: DB Pro Oy

Helsinki, Finland


SQL Governor Inc.

Delaware, USA