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WEBINAR SERIES | Mastering SQL Server Migrations

Our 5-part webinar series goes through the process of SQL Server Migrations from start to finish. The series features SQL Server experts Matt Gordon, Rob Sewell, Gianluca Sartori, and SQL Governor's CTO and Founder Jani K. Savolainen.


Part 1: The Big Picture

How long does it take to plan a SQL Server Migration project, who are the key stakeholders and what sort of different phases are involved in the process? This webinar brings an introduction to the topic of SQL Server Migrations and the migration process as a whole.

Part 2: Business Impact Review and Politics

What do high availability, disaster recovery, security, integrations, and training all have in common? They all have significant business impact, are super important in successful migration project delivery and issues you must address, whether you are migrating data from on-premises to a cloud or from one cloud to another. On top of that, a way to communicate clearly with different parties and a sufficient understanding on licensing are essential in this context.

Part 3: Selecting the Right Migration Tools

This webinar recording addresses the different migration tools there are available for SQL Server migration projects, all the way from data discovery to server version upgrades, capacity planning, and migration implementation.

Part 4: Capacity Planning and Licensing Review

SQL Server Capacity Planning is one of the key elements in SQL Server migrations, especially when it comes to the overall costs and success rate of the migration project. This webinar recording explains the different ideologies, methods and techniques of SQL Server capacity planning, discusses alternatives to the traditional, yet risky lift-and-shift method and explains how SQL Server licensing affects the capacity planning process.

Part 5: From Implementation to Lessons Learned (NEW!)

In the final part of "Mastering SQL Server Migrations" webinar series, we go through some of the most typical use cases and scenarios of SQL Server migration implementation, and discuss lessons learned.

WEBINAR | Get the most out of your SQL Server resources

In this 30-minute webinar we go through three successful SQL Governor customer cases from three different industry sectors and describe how companies from media, industrial and ISV sectors benefitted from SQL Governor and were able to gain up to 50 % SQL Server licensing costs.

The webinar was hosted with our partner Soaring Eagle Consulting.

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