SQL Governor® – the leading-edge software solution for smarter Microsoft SQL Server utilization

Capacity optimization for Microsoft SQL Server platforms

Do you know how much your SQL Server licensing and platform costs are tying up your budgets?

Without a comprehensive holistic view of your server platform, you don’t know where the real savings potential is. What is the optimal amount of server resources? How much sleeping capacity do you have? Are you paying too much for licensing?  Do you have the right licenses to serve your needs?

SQL Governor® can save you 30 – 50% in the licensing, service, and hardware costs of a large-scale Microsoft SQL Server platform that may have grown inefficient over time. The final result is a consolidated Microsoft SQL Server platform that is easy to manage.

By utilizing SQL Governor, it is significantly faster and more accurate to plan the target platform compared to manual work. Effort can be reduced from months and years into days and weeks. Just imagine all the details you would have to pay attention to in manual capacity planning – it is a very mathematically oriented task to do.

SQL Governor’s unique capacity optimization ability is based on a patent pending method that analyzes the workload data of the SQL Server instances, and based on this data, automatically calculates the optimal configuration for the new platform. The optimization aims to generate considerable cost savings by minimizing the required server resources over the entire life cycle of the system.

With SQL Governor, it is possible to manage the optimization of large-scale Microsoft SQL Server platforms. SQL Governor can collect data simultaneously from all the servers without additional load on the servers. In addition, the solution takes into account the various data security requirements of large data centers.

SQL Governor includes:

  • Capacity planning – for Microsoft SQL Server modernization and consolidation projects
  • Capacity Management – for the Microsoft SQL Server platform’s whole lifecycle
  • Performance optimization – complementing features for continuous analysis and optimization of Microsoft SQL Server platforms



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Further info on SQL Server optimization

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Savings in license fees, service fees and hardware costs