New way for efficient and cost optimized Microsoft data platform management – SQL Governor and Soaring Eagle take Flight in 2019

PRESS RELEASE January 28, 2019

DB Pro and Soaring Eagle announce US Strategic Partnership.  SQL Governor is a new automated solution developed by DB Pro averaging 44% cost savings for clients with Microsoft data platforms and facilitating a smoother transition to the cloud.

World-wide the trends of digitalization and increasing data consumption are forcing organizations to rethink costs around their data centers.  In addition to the more traditional performance management of Microsoft data platforms, the partnership between Soaring Eagle and DB Pro is giving Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Database Administrators (DBAs) an advantage in the battle to maintain cost-optimized SQL Server data platforms through the SQL Governor solution.

Soaring Eagle, based in Florida, has been helping companies to get the best performance from their databases for over 20 years.  After more than four years of research and development, Soaring Eagle has begun rolling out Flight, the only tool that provides an executive-level early warning system providing a CIO peace of mind along with the ability to confirm and assists and ensures that the proper steps are being taken to address mission-critical issues within the data platform should a problem arise.  Add in the cost savings and performance optimization achieved through SQL Governor and the solution pays for itself.

 “Most performance monitoring tools look at one server at a time.  SQL Governor’s capacity planning software suite is the only one that allows me to look at all of my clients’ servers as a unit to make the best use of their physical resources and mitigate their licensing costs.  It complements our Flight solution perfectly,” said Soaring Eagle’s CEO & Founder Jeff Garbus.

“Together with Soaring Eagle we can offer CIOs and DBAs an unbeatable solution for their proactive life cycle management, performance optimization, and capacity planning for SQL Server platforms.  We can help companies to modernize their data platforms, ease migration to the cloud, and reduce their SQL costs and carbon footprint.  Our aim is to eliminate every unnecessary database server in the world,” added Kari Tuisku, DB Pro’s CEO.

CIOs and DBAs are invited for an evening of SQL and Golf

Soaring Eagle and DB Pro are welcoming CIOs and DBAs on February 6th for an evening of SQL at TOPGolf in Tampa, Florida.  The event offers a great opportunity to get to know the SQL Governor and Flight solutions, even though the program itself will not include any sales pitches – only networking and golf with free food and drinks.  A limited number of slots have been kept open.  You can RSVP here.   

More information:

Kari Tuisku, CEO, DB Pro, +358 50 3131 708, kari.tuisku(a)

Jeff Garbus, CEO & Founder, jeff(a)


DB Pro is a forerunner in data platform consolidation and right-sizing. SQL Governor® is a unique solution for the optimization of the capacity and performance of SQL Servers. With SQL Governor® our customers have achieved on average 44% cost savings in their SQL Server licensing costs.  

If you work in a highly regulated industry, you can’t afford to put your business or your license at risk over a preventable database mishap. Soaring Eagle Consulting has over 25 years of experience in remote database management with a specialty in healthcare and financial enterprises. Soaring Eagle works with SQL, Sybase, Oracle, and other relational databases, and they are available for you on a 24/7 basis.