More proactive, more predictive: SQL Governor 9.0 release is here

SQL Governor, the next generation tool for SQL Server platforms combining the performance and capacity management, is now even better than before. Learn more about the latest improvements!

Along the latest 9.0 release we improved our predictive and proactive monitoring features so that you can identify, solve and avoid critical problems even before they occur. In addition to this SQL Governor now supports full wait stats and plan cache analysis so you are able to drill down from top level performance problems into actual bottlenecks in TSQL code in past and current state of the system.

Improvements to the key features of the platform

The latest release complements our unique combination of machine learning powered performance management and capacity planning features, offered only by SQL Governor.

Monitoring and managing data platforms 24/7 allows users to proactively identify and fix the root causes and bottlenecks of performance problems. SQL Governor’s predictive alerting features help our customers to prevent problems, such as unplanned system downtime and slowness, even before they occur.

Download the latest product sheet HERE.

Key features of SQL Governor include:

  • Monitoring
  • Warnings & Alerts
  • SQL Query Tracing
  • Diagnostics & Health Check
  • Capacity Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Dashboard & Reports

If you wish to learn more about SQL Governor, contact us with the form below! We are looking forward to talking more about how we could help you with your SQL Servers.

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