Are you planning to migrate your IT infrastucture to cloud? Don't lift and shift – do optimize instead.

Modernized Data Platform

Don't lift and shift – do optimize instead.

Gain significant optimization benefits along the SQL Server platform modernization.

Whether you are planning to transfer your IT infrastructure to cloud, modernize your on-premise data platform, or migrate your SQL estate – don’t just “lift-and-shift”. Optimize instead.

By planning your modernization or migration smarter, you will avoid future surprises in capacity and costs. Data platform modernization projects offer a golden opportunity for significant optimization benefits in your data platform. It's also crucial to manage the future growth needs of the platform. 

SQL Governor solves the challenges often faced in traditional methods of manual capacity planning. SQL Governor’s unique capacity planning ability is based on an international patented method in addition to machine learning. It takes into account workload trends, seasonality, and differences in the performance of source and target servers. If the capacity of the target data platform is planned using SQL Governor, you can achieve significant cost savings. You will also avoid surprises in the data platform’s capacity utilization during its whole intended life cycle. 


  • Know the condition of your SQL Server platform before starting a migration project
  • Find out bottlenecks and improvement areas, thus prevent transferring current problems into the new platform
  • Avoid surprises in the capacity or performance
  • Utilize automation and machine learning to improve the efficiency of planning the new platform
  • Gain up to 50% SQL Server costs savings

Optimized Performance

Solve problems in your data platform faster. Proactively prevent performance problems from happening.

The problems in a data platform’s performance can be crucial to business. You can lose revenue due to discontinuity of service. You can lose customers due to services being slow or unavailable. You can lose operative data. Your employees can be increasingly unsatisfied or unproductive. So how to secure your platform’s optimal performance?

As an estimate, 70% of performance problems are related to bad code, and 30% are related to poor or suboptimal capacity planning and infrastructure problems. SQL Governor helps finding out the issues in both areas.

SQL Governor can help you find out where the problems are and start solving them faster. In acute situations, it can be used for finding the root causes of the problems and optimizing the platform’s performance. It offers extensive features for the proactive performance monitoring and optimization along with predictive alerting.


  • Solve problems faster – understand the root causes and prioritize development actions
  • Prevent problems proactively – find out trends and patterns (even the hidden ones), forecast and fix problems before they happen
  • Increase service level and uptime by ensuring optimal performance
  • Secure revenue and customer satisfaction

Comprehensive Data Platform Visibility

Gain full control over your SQL Server estate.

You have a scattered data platform, and not a clear picture on its overall condition level. The amount of manual work is high – you lack tools and automation, and the DBAs feel their work is insufficient. You have a risk of sanctions due to not having a proper inventory of licenses. A lot of time is consumed on reactive problem solving – i.e. firefighting – and prioritization is hard or even impossible. Does this sound familiar?

Without proper visibility to your data platform assets, you risk facing unwanted surprises that cause damage to your business. You are very likely overspending on licensing, hardware, or maintenance of the platform. If you don't take control over the situation, it will be impossible to plan and develop the platform to the future.

SQL Governor is ideal for taking control of your SQL estate. Use it for diagnostics and health checks to find out where the problems are, and what improvement actions are needed. Use it to plan the capacity of the platform based on facts and future trends. Use it for continuous life cycle management to forecast and proactively manage the platform’s capacity and performance and automate the tedious routine tasks.


  • Improve the visibility to your Microsoft data platform – such as its domains, servers, versions, and editions 
  • Understand and manage the health status of your SQL Servers – find out bottlenecks and improvement areas, avoid surprises in capacity utilization or performance output
  • Make your data platform compact and easy to manage – gain significant cost savings, utilize automation for improved efficiency

Right-Sized Investments

Gain up to 50% savings from SQL Server costs without sacrificing the data platform’s performance and availability.

As the amount of data, users, and applications grow, so does the size of the data platform. Are you also suffering from too high, and constantly growing, IT costs? Do you fear of getting sanctions from your software vendor, due to an incompliancy situation from infrastructure that is larger than the number of licenses?

SQL Governor capacity optimization has saved so far on average 44% in the SQL Server license cost of our customers, in addition to substantial savings in service and hardware costs. SQL Governor is a leading-edge solution for the consolidation planning of Microsoft SQL Servers. A data platform that’s capacity is planned with SQL Governor is compact and easy to manage across its whole life cycle. You can predict and manage the data platform’s remaining life cycle and ensure you won’t run out of capacity.

Use our license savings calculator to estimate your potential SQL Server license cost savings.


  • Achieve SQL Server costs savings of up to 50%
  • Get a fact-based, optimized plan for the future
  • Avoid surprises in future capacity and performance
  • Make your data platform compact and easy to manage, without sacrificing the performance and availability



Download Our Guides

Learn more about the continuous and proactive life cycle management of Microsoft SQL Server platforms.

Here is a list of the guides we offer for you to improve the performance, capacity, and cost-efficiency of your data platform, or help you with the data platform modernization.


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