How much money can be tied to your SQL Server assets?

Companies are rapidly becoming digital. As your business grows and develops, so does your IT infrastructure. Server resources come at a significant cost, yet often remain underutilized.

In the previous blog posts we explained the great cost savings potential residing in your data platform. We also discussed how most companies miss out on these savings

Today we want to show you just how much wasted money can be tied to your data platform, and how to add it to your bottom line.

What data platform assets can save you the most money?

Databases, applications and hardware all need servers to run. Typically the larger your company, the more servers you have. Reducing the number of servers is a huge, but often overlooked opportunity to save money.

SQL databases typically occupy over a third of all servers, and account for a large portion of your IT expenses. Improving the way your SQL Servers work can therefore result in significant savings.

SQL Server licensing cost increases with the amount of processing power you need. Consolidating your existing SQL Servers to use less total processing power means that you need fewer servers than before.

Fewer SQL Servers means less money spent on SQL Server licensing. And more money to spend elsewhere in your business.


SQL Database Servers can be consolidated to use less CPU resources. This translates directly into savings for your business.

How much money can be saved with SQL Server optimization?

Your savings primarily depend on the number of SQL Servers you use. Larger companies with 100+ servers can potentially save millions of dollars. Even medium-sized firms with a few dozen servers can realize significant 6-figure savings.

In short, the more SQL Servers you have, the more savings opportunities there are.

Server consolidation becomes more effective the more complex your SQL Server infrastructure is. On the plus side, this complexity means greater potential for savings. So far we have produced on average 44 % licensing cost savings for our customers. 

How much can your company save?

What factors would affect the potential SQL Server savings for your business? SQL Server costs consist of software licensing, hardware, and service and operation costs.

SQL Server licensing cost is usually the biggest expense, making it the largest source of potential savings. Software assurance and maintenance agreements can significantly add to the total license cost. Therefore lowering the number of SQL licenses would also reduce the assurance costs. Think of the following:

  • How many MS SQL Server licenses do you have?
  • How many of them are based on enterprise edition versus standard edition?
  • How many of your SQL Server licenses are covered by software assurance?
So how much money can YOUR company save with Microsoft SQL Server optimization? We created an online calculator for finding that out.

Simply answer a few questions about your server infrastructure to see an approximate savings amount. If the number is significant to you, we encourage you to fill the contact form and get in touch with us. Our team would be happy to show you how these savings can be realized.

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SQL Governor is a Microsoft SQL Server capacity optimization solution

If the savings opportunity is so significant, why are more companies not taking advantage of it? Because server capacity optimization has traditionally been a manual process requiring significant resources.

Until now.

SQL Governor is a software solution that makes MS SQL Server capacity optimization significantly faster and more accurate. It lowers the required server resources, and gives your company a straightforward way to save money.

SQL Governor condenses and optimizes MS SQL Servers. It squeezes out unnecessary CPU cycles, so that in the end your databases can run on a smaller number of servers.

There is no downside or risk of slowing down your server performance. The outcome is an optimized Microsoft SQL Server platform that is easy to manage, and more money in your business.

Contact us today to unlock the hidden savings potential of your MS SQL Servers!

Kari Tuisku
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