Our services for the optimization and analysis of SQL Server platforms

Capacity optimization

A unique solution for the optimization of capacity and cost savings for Microsoft SQL Server platforms — save up to 50%

SQL Governor® optimization enables savings in the millions by minimizing the required server resources over the entire life cycle of the system. SQL Governor® streamlines capacity planning by using a patented method that automatically calculates the optimal configuration for the new platform. The final result is an easy-to-manage, compact platform.

1. Installation of SQL Governor® on the current source platform and selection of the servers and instances to be included.
2. Data collection on the source platform. Inputting metadata about the source platform.
3. Setting the planning requirements on the target platform for SQL Governor.
4. Generating the optimized capacity plan with SQL Governor.

Migration and development

Our team of experienced specialists have led the migration, planning, and implementation of numerous SQL Server platforms efficiently and consistently.  Working with our team, clients have benefited from decreased project planning timetables, improved profitability, and optimal capacity utilization with an eye toward future planning.

The SQL Server environment can also be fully or partially migrated to the Microsoft Azure cloud. SQL Server can be installed on an Azure virtual machine or, alternatively, the databases can be transferred one at a time to the Azure SQL Database service. In the case of virtual machines, all the SQL Server components are available, including Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services.

DB Pro also specializes in the planning and implementation of Oracle-to-Microsoft migrations.

The steps of a migration project:

1. Initial analysis

  • Analysis of the existing architecture
  • Analysis of the database platform
  • Analysis of the existing capacity
  • Analysis of external dependencies

2. Planning

  • Planning of consolidation procedures
  • Planning of high availability
  • Planning of update methods
  • Planning of phasing
  • Planning of testing
  • Specification of service interruptions and recovery procedures

3. Implementation

  • Testing of updates
  • Phased implementation of updates and consolidation procedures
  • Defragmentation of databases
  • Checking of functionality

Other services

In addition to migration projects, DB Pro offers special expertise for planning and implementation projects using the following technologies:

  • SQL Server Integration Services

  • SQL Server Data Quality Services

  • SQL Server Master Data Services

  • SQL Server Analysis Services

  • SQL Server Reporting Services

  • BizTalk Server

  • Power BI



Performance optimization

When correctly configured and maintained, Microsoft SQL Server is a very powerful and reliable database platform for important applications. Potential challenges include increasing use, growing quantities of data, and modifications to the system; all of which can affect performance over time. For many companies, lack of specialized expertise in SQL Server technologies creates another challenge.

At DB Pro, we are experts in the auditing, performance and capacity optimization, and maintenance of Microsoft SQL Server platforms. We are specialists who ensure the optimal function and performance of the SQL Server platform in an agile and cost-efficient way.

Does your company have applications that rely on the Microsoft SQL Server platform?

Will your business suffer significantly if these applications become unavailable or start running slowly?

Is there a shortage of expertise or resources within your team related to SQL Server?

Auditing and health check analysis

When did you last analyze the condition and risk-profile of your Microsoft SQL Server platform? DB Pro performs agile and efficient auditing and analysis of the condition of your Microsoft SQL Server platform. After examining the system, we prepare prioritized recommendations for the implementation of best practices, improvement of performance, and elimination of critical risks.

We use our SQL Governor® software for this work. It helps to automate most of the associated collection and analysis of data which leads to higher-quality and more accurate results than manual analysis.

Extensive health check analysis

  • General analysis of system and server level
  • Monitoring of the platform using a comprehensive set of indicators, min. 1 month
  • Advanced diagnostics of instances and databases
  • Profiling of the performance of SQL queries
  • An extensive analysis document and final inspection

Basic analysis

  • General analysis of system and server level
  • Monitoring of the platform using a comprehensive set of indicators, min. 2 weeks
  • Basic diagnostics of database instances and databases
  • Analysis document and final inspection with the customer

Optimization projects

An optimization project is particularly suited for situations in which acute problems in the performance of applications, or of the Microsoft SQL Server platform, are expected to arise in the near future and need rapid resolution. Each optimization project is preceded by a diagnostic phase. The results from the diagnostic phase generally lead to a proposal for measures to be taken in a later phase, however in acute cases the necessary optimization measures are implemented immediately. As a result, clients in this situation have realized gains in performance at multiples which have exceeded one hundred percent.

Database platform performance can be optimized in different parts of the system:

  • Hardware-oriented optimization
  • Database instance settings
  • Database options
  • Indexing

Continuous DBA service, 24/7

Who is responsible for the current and future maintenance of the SQL Server platform related to your critical applications? The DBA* service provides maintenance of the Microsoft SQL Server platform by highly skilled professionals, on a standalone basis or to complement your in-house DBA resources. This is perfect for those companies that have outsourced the maintenance of their information system to a service provider or application supplier who cannot offer actual DBA-level service and expertise.

Content of the DBA service:

  • A designated service manager with specified basic availability, such as one day per week, either remotely or on your premises
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of availability and performance
  • Proactive response to any deviations
  • Condition analysis and diagnosis at agreed intervals, such as four times a year
  • Recovery testing
  • Inclusion of continuous optimization service as an option
  • The service uses our SQL Governor® software

*DBA = Database administrator