Why should you consolidate a scattered SQL Server environment

Pinal Dave, the SQL Server performance tuning expert, has been writing articles featuring SQL Governor in his SQLAuthority blog. This time he writes about Why is SQL Server Consolidation Better Than Having a Scattered Environment.

"It is good to understand the numerous benefits of proper SQL Server consolidation. It is not only a question about gaining cost savings but also a question of practicality. Several things will make your data platform administration smoother and more straightforward.", Pinal says.consolidation-work-planning-with-sql-governor

He lists the four main benefits that follow if you do server consolidation:

  • There is less administration work in SQL Server, Windows, and hardware.
  • It becomes easier to monitor the whole infrastructure.
  • You can gain significant savings in SQL Server licensing and hardware costs.
  • You can gain savings in electricity and rack space.

"I have come across a software solution that will ease the consolidation planning dramatically. The automation behind it reduces the workload a lot making the planning process also faster. The intelligent machine learning algorithms and benchmark data in the software make the planning a lot more accurate than manual methods can offer. This software is called SQL Governor.", Pinal tells.

Read the whole article from Pinal Dave's SQLAuthority blog.