Watch webinar about Microsoft data platform capacity planning

Are you planning to transfer your IT infrastructure to Azure cloud? Do you need to modernize your on-premise data platform or renew your SQL Server versions? Do you need to migrate your SQL estate due to company merger or change in data center? Is managing your data platform getting more complex due to too many, scattered servers?

We teamed up with Soaring Eagle Consulting  to bring you a webinar about tackling the challenges with Microsoft data platform capacity planning!

A very common approach is to just “lift-and-shift” the servers and workloads from old to new servers. Although this is often simple and fast, it does not help to “clean the house”.  With some additional attention to planning, the data platform migrations offer a golden opportunity for gaining significant optimization benefits. It's also crucial to be able to forecast and manage the future growth needs. By planning the modernization or migration in a smarter way, you will avoid surprises in capacity, cost and time.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how you can benefit from applying the new capacity planning methods that solve the challenges of manual planning or the simple “lift-and-shift” approach. We will show how to utilize software automation with machine learning and forecasting functionalities to improve the efficiency of planning the new platform – and gain significant cost savings.