Don’t Miss This Webinar! How to Manage Large numbers of Databases with a Small Staff

Is your company trying to manage a large database environment with a small staff?

The amount of data managed by organizations continues to grow at a substantial rate. It is also therefore likely, that many if not all of the companies are managing more database instances. Add the constantly evolving amount of applications and users due to the changes in the business and you easily end up with a scattered server environment.

As the data infrastructure gets larger and more complex, it also becomes more cumbersome to manage. On the other hand, the size of the staff responsible for managing the data infrastructure isn’t growing at the same rate leaving each DBA to handle an increasing number of databases.

This inequality is leaving organizations and their database teams struggling with how to efficiently take care of the platform’s performance optimization and capacity planning leading to a search for the right automation or cloud solutions to more effectively regain the upper hand.

Soaring Eagle Consulting will be co-hosting a webinar with us on March 28, to share some insight on How to Manage Large numbers of Databases with Small Staff’.

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How to make managing a large, scattered database platform easier and tackle common performance problems

The webinar will address issues related to data sprawl, scattered server environments, and offer some takeaways on how to resolve them efficiently.

Why is it better to implement SQL Server consolidation instead of having a scattered environment?

Having a scattered Microsoft SQL Server database platform is cumbersome to maintain because you continue to accumulate wasted capacity in your database servers. Data platform consolidation with capacity optimization efficiently brings the number of servers to be managed under control. Using automated, accurate methods and software for planning the consolidation will guarantee you a future-proof data platform with significant cost savings.

Do you know what the common performance problems in SQL environments are and what usually causes them?

How many of us have witnessed a SQL Server database that has insufficient storage performance or an instance running out of memory or a server-level CPU that is skyrocketing to an unhealthy level? These, and some other common performance problems are actually caused by poor capacity planning. Smarter capacity planning will secure the desired service levels without sacrificing the performance or availability of the database platform during its planned life cycle.

To learn more about some of the scenarios mentioned above and ways to make your life with the ever-growing number of databases easier, attend our webinar!


Tackle these challenges and find new solutions by attending the webinar on March, 28

Jeff Garbus, Author of 20 books on Database consulting and the CEO of Soaring Eagle Consulting will be hosting a special webinar together with Jani K. Savolainen, the inventor of SQL Governor, to share some important solutions. The webinar How to Manage Large numbers of Databases with Small Staff’ will take place on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 14:00 EDT / 18:00 UTC.

Jeff Garbus is a well-known author, lecturer and consultant with more than 30 years of expertise in architecture, tuning and the administration of Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ASE (formerly Sybase), Oracle, and other databases. Jeff has assisted clients of all sizes, from .com startups to the most demanding F100 clients. His specialty has always been maximizing database performance for his clients. Jeff has written 20 books to date on these subjects in order to help businesses overcome their database issues.

Jani K. Savolainen is the Founder & CTO of DB Pro, the company behind the SQL Governor software. For the last 18 years Jani has worked with databases and Microsoft SQL Server technology. Jani has extensive experience on e.g. software development, DW/BI, data science, SQL data platform, diagnostics & code optimization, and writing crypto graphical algorithms.

Soaring Eagle Consulting and DB Pro have joined together in a strategic partnership to address the growing challenges inherent with the optimization of Microsoft data platforms. Soaring Eagle Consulting has over 25 years of experience in remote database management with a specialty in healthcare and financial enterprises. Soaring Eagle works with SQL, Sybase, Oracle, and other relational databases and is led by a hand-picked team of DBAs who each have 20+ years of experience tackling front-line challenges.

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