VIDEO: PASS Marathon - Work with Facts, not Guesstimates

PASS Marathon: Summit Solutions Preview on September 20, 2018, provided a unique overview of the industry solutions you will see at PASS Summit 2018. The PASS Marathon featured back-to-back live webinars, showcasing leading experts from around the world. We would like to thank you everyone attending the webinar!

Watch our recorded webinar session on the migration and consolidation planning of SQL Server platforms. The session Experts should work with facts, not guesstimates – how you learn to love large scale SQL Server consolidation projects  starts at 30:50. 



Have you ever been struggling with the consolidation or migration planning of a sizable SQL Server platform? Traditional data platform capacity planning contains a lot of time consuming manual work and is often based on rough estimates. It is seen more as a task for the data platform architect than a mathematical challenge. The truth is: It is both. Find out how to achieve highly automatized, perfectly optimized plan, based on facts rather than guesswork!
To get more information on the topic, you can also download our ebook on the subject.
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