Visma ensures cloud service availability and performance with an eye on future growth.

Visma Solutions provides cloud-based financial administration software.

Visma was seeking a better way to right-size the server environment of one of their software to manage business growth and updates. They also wanted to know the best options for replacing physical hardware that was approaching the end of its life-cycle.

They had already trusted SQL Governor for several years to ensure platform life cycle management. SQL Governor had collected plenty of data from the platform, which could be used in the SQL Server migration project, enabling rapid kickoff. 

Main benefits:

  • Migration project ensured the optimal capacity of the database platform
  • The type and size of new servers required to handle database platform growth were ascertained 
  • The correct server capacity will ensure the availability and performance of services for the end clients 
  • A fact-based plan resulted in clear savings in the acquisition of new servers and
“If we had relied on guesswork to determine the size and
performance of the new platform, we would most likely have ordered too many or too large servers. The monetary savings are considerable, as servers in large environments cost thousands – even tens of thousands – of euros. We also saved significantly on licensing costs.”
Juha-Pekka Ström, Visma Solutions


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