A-lehdet saved nearly 50% in SQL Server licensing costs thanks to server capacity optimization completed using SQL Governor.

The A-lehdet Group is one of the largest media houses in Finland.

When Microsoft made changes to the licensing and pricing of SQL Servers, it was no longer practical for A-lehdet to continue the contract using the old model. In addition, the server equipment was reaching the end of its life cycle.

It was a good time to investigate the option of reducing the number of servers used.

A-lehdet did not have adequate in-depth knowledge of SQL Server databases, and therefore the company decided to involve an external specialist in the project. While other options were also considered, positive previous experiences, strong recommendations, and the unique capacity optimization solution made SQL Governor the logical choice.

Main benefits:

  • Achieving the planned savings in infrastructure costs
  • 47% savings in licensing costs
  • The minimum of 30% savings in hardware costs
  • A server platform that is easier to maintain and more reliable
  • Efficiency gain from spending less time on routine tasks, and more time on more productive work tasks
“Achieving the expected financial benefits of the project has started well, and it seems as if the rest of them will be achieved or even exceeded. Improvements in performance and time savings have also been a positive surprise, as they have exceeded expectations.”
Pekka Kivenjuuri, CIO

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