Automated capacity and performance management for Microsoft SQL Server platforms

Are you planning to migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud?
Don't lift and shift – do optimize instead.

Whether you are planning a cloud migration, data center renewal or a hybrid environment featuring both on-premise and cloud technologies, it is crucial to plan your data platform renewal in an automated and fact-based way.

SQL Governor for planning, forecasting and optimizing Microsoft data platform life cycle

SQL Governor is the only software on the market to feature SQL Server capacity planning and SQL performance optimization in the same solution. With SQL Governor, you can easily modernize your data platform, ease data migration to the cloud, reduce licensing and hardware costs and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

There’s no better way to prepare for a data platform modernization project than first calculating your potential cost savings and then form an optimal plan for the future data platform with SQL Governor’s internationally patented software and Machine Learning based method.

SQL Governor also supports continuous SQL Server advisory, assessment, and proactive life cycle management. On average, SQL Governor software brings 44 % cost savings for clients with Microsoft SQL Servers data platforms.

Benefits that can equal millions

Gain full visibility and control over your SQL estate
Solve performance problems faster and start to proactively prevent them
Make your data platform compact and easier to manage - Save up to 50% in SQL Server costs
Average cost savings our customers have achieved with SQL Governor optimization so far
  • Do you lack holistic visibility to your SQL estate – number of servers, license compliance, condition of the platform, and so on?

  • Do you suffer from system slowness or service downtime?

  • Do you suffer from data sprawl?

  • Is your data platform in need of modernization or to be transferred into cloud?

  • Are your IT costs too high, and growing?


How SQL Governor can help

Comprehensive Data Platform Visibility

Gain full control over your SQL estate. Know what your data platform is formed of, make it more compact and easier to manage.

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Modernized Data Platform

Know the condition of your data platform before starting a migration. Gain significant optimization benefits along the platform modernization or transfer to cloud.


Optimized Performance

Solve problems faster and with less human effort. Proactively prevent performance problems from happening.

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Right-Sized Investments

Gain up to 50% savings from SQL Server costs without sacrificing the data platform’s performance and availability.


A large media house saved nearly 50%

Customer reference: A-lehdet saved nearly 50% in MS SQL licensing costs thanks to SQL Governor solution.

ISV ensures cloud service availability

Customer reference: Visma ensured the correct server capacity and performance with an eye on future growth.

Using SQL Governor optimization, we implemented an extensive renewal of our SQL Server platform. The cost savings were 47% compared to the original platform — a result we are extremely happy with.
Jussi MäkeläA-lehdet, a leading printed media company
DB Pro’s in-depth DBA knowledge has helped us extract more capacity from our existing SQL Server infrastructure. With a continuously increasing number of users, this has a positive effect on the quality of service to our own customers. The SQL Governor product gives a clear, real-time overall picture of the performance of the database system.
Juha-Pekka StrömVisma Solutions, a forerunner in cloud based financial management and administration solutions

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