Next generation SQL Server optimization using machine learning

World-wide the trends of digitalization and increasing data consumption are forcing organizations to rethink costs around their data centers. SQL Governor is an automated solution averaging 44% cost savings for clients with Microsoft SQL Servers data platforms.

SQL Governor helps companies to modernize their data platforms, ease migration to the cloud, and reduce their SQL costs and carbon footprint.

SQL Governor capacity optimization and performance optimization solution is ideal for planning the data platform renewal, in addition to supporting the continuous SQL Server advisory, assessment, and life cycle management.

Capacity optimization



SQL Governor solves the challenges in traditional methods of manual capacity planning. SQL Governor’s unique capacity optimization ability is based on an international patent pending method in addition to machine learning. SQL Governor analyzes the behavior of your current Microsoft data platform and, based on the analysis, creates an optimal, fact-based, and accurate plan for your new platform—leading to unprecedented benefits.

Up to 50% savings

SQL Governor capacity optimization can save up to 50% in the SQL Server license cost, in addition to substantial savings in service and hardware costs.

Compact, easy to use platform

A data platform that’s capacity is planned with SQL Governor is compact and easy to manage across it’s whole life cycle.


Proactively ensure that you will have the optimal capacity, without sacrificing the performance and availability, throughout the life cycle of the data platform. 

Continuous capacity management

Predict and manage the data platform’s     remaining life cycle and ensure you won’t run out of capacity. Proactively prevent downtime and incidents.

Capacity re-planning

Any time during the life cycle, SQL Governor capacity optimization features can be used for effective re-planning of the platform or part of it.


Manage the optimization of very large SQL Server platforms. SQL Governor can collect data simultaneously from all the servers without additional load on the servers.

Performance optimization

Performance optimization dashboard - SQL Governor

Ensure you have the optimal performance and availability throughout the life cycle of your Microsoft SQL Server platform in a proactive way. SQL Governor continuously monitors the performance conditions of the SQL Server platform against pre-defined SLA’s and quality criteria to ensure smooth operation.


Performance Monitoring

The Performance Monitoring allows you to proactively manage the platform’s performance and eliminate risks. You can make sure your critical applications related to the Microsoft SQL Servers run smoothly. You will be able to identify incidents and bottlenecks in the platform in a proactive way. 

settingsSystematic collection of performance data on all the SQL Servers, instances and databases

timerPerformance monitoring & alerting 24/7

alertPredictive alerting

magnifySQL Query tracing


Periodic Diagnostics

The Periodic Diagnostics allows you to get a clear and comprehensive picture on your platform’s condition with regular health checks and systematic data collection. It is possible to see how the database is developing and what are the trends, especially after making any changes into the platform.

timer-sandWait statistics analysis

table-largeUnused, missing and fragmented indexes

databaseInstance level configurations and database options

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